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Transform Compliance into Revenue with Kohtas: Convert your regulation rules into profits. Enhance efficiency and automate workflows with our leading-edge technology.

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Discover a centralized platform for accessing comprehensive and up-to-date regulatory information. Save time, effort, and costs associated with manual information gathering. With real-time updates and expert curation, Kohtas empowers you with the insights you need to make informed decisions.

Streamline your regulatory information acquisition with Kohtas. Simplify your workflow, optimize your resources, and stay ahead of regulations. Now, large companies can also monetize proprietary compliance efforts by selling their self-made regulation rules. Sign up today and revolutionize the way you acquire and share regulatory information, creating new value in your compliance strategy.

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Real-Time API for EUDR -
Legislation of the Area of Production

Integrate our transaction-based, real-time EUDR Regulation API with your EUDR system to automatically fetch relevant regulation information for the area of production. With our unique business model, you only pay when you do business in the EU, and we take a percentage commission from each transaction.

This approach not only is cost-effective but also allows you to switch from fixed legislation acquisition costs to variable costs.

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