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Large company, leading accounting or legal firm, let's convert your regulation data
to API compatible rules and sell it on Kohtas Marketplace.

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Kohtas Marketplace is regulation rules platform that allows you to monetize your compliance know-how and regulation database.

Data conversion

Let's convert your legal data
to API compatible regulation rules.

Customer acquisition

We’ll bring the global operators and customers to you. You take care of updating legal rules, we’ll take care of the rest!

Transaction based pricing

Partner decides the price for Regulation Rule Set. Prices are set as percentages of the transaction value.

IPR protection

We protect your IPR. Regulation rules are available only for the real cross-border and domestic transactions.

Licensing of rules

We have a licensing model and applicable license agreements to license your regulation rules globally.

Sales tax rules

We have a sales tax engine and applicable agreements to sell your sales tax rules globally.

Customs rules

We have a customs engine and applicable agreements to sell your custom rules globally.

Online marketplace agreements

Our agreements are in line with the well-established market practices of online marketplaces.

Payment processing

Kohtas Marketplace processes all payments on behalf of partner and remits profits to the partner monthly.

Indepence of accounting firm

Our platform and business model are designed to meet the independence requirements of leading accounting companies.

Growth potential

Our business model offers a hyper scalable growth potential to you.

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